facebook Hacked by Tored

Hacked By  Tored


[[ MEsSaGe]]
Greetings world we are moroccan hackers
We will Inshalaah with The help of Many Muslim Hackers Take You Off From The InterneT ! Your Credit Cards , Your Bank's Account , Your Servers ... Are In Danger ! We Never Forget what You Do against the Humanity ... In Afghanistan Millions Of People Were Dead... , Pakistan's Muslims Are Killed In The Force's Attacks... Israelien Forces Destroyed Palestinien's Families ...Killed Innocent Childrens ... But No One Cares !!!!
You Want To Stop Us !! But Let me guess ! Can a Men Catch a Shadow ?! Dear Admin :We Just Want To Publish Our Message !
Operation save Gaza...engaged. Expect us !

For the Polite Admins ... who sent me  Polite MSGs
Dude , why you're not talking politely !? ... You must be happy and thank me for not deleting all of your files ! :) ... I was polite with my HACKING to your site ... I've said " I didn't delete any of your Files !" Only Changing the Index* ... So ! , be polite with me Please ... & about what the site is for ... I'm not hacking to be a Terrorist !!! .. The Terrorists are the Israelis !!! " Killing Innocent ( Christians & Muslims ) Children , Women & The Old one " without any reasons !! ... Okay ! dude ... So .. My Job is Hacking any site that not having any Security & put my MSG in the name of Freedom to the Innocent People that killed by the Super Terrorists in the Whole World Israel ! " & Hacking isn't Killing !!! " You can delete my Index* & Change it with yours ;p ... I was polite with you cuz, I didn't Delete Your Whole Files S: ... So I'm educated enough dude ... Don't teach me What's wrong & what's right :) Like the Biggest terrorist ( Bush !! ) ... The Terrorists are " Any group doesn't matter which Religion they're ( Christians , Muslims or Jewish ) that make wrong deeds to the Religion itself ... Like what we see in the Occupied Palestine Territory by the Israeli Terrorists ! ... & They don't differentiate between civilians & armies !! Only Killing !! ... So the Result of what I've said is ... We don't blame the Religion itself .. We blame the group that make wrong deeds to the Religion !!! 
Bush = Christian = a Biggest Terrorist " For his Commands to kill civilians without any reasons in Iraq for OIL !"
Sharon = Jewish "Israel" = The Biggest Terrorist on the Whole World for Occupied the Palestine Territory ! & Killing Innocents .So these are an examples for Different Religions ! :) ... Blame the Person who makes wrong deeds for the Religion not the Religion itself ! we don't agree " Muslims & Christians " with those suicide bombers who killed Innocent people & we call them Terrorists too Hacking is Knowledge & Knowledge is Free ( But, with Polite to Others ! ) Any offensive talking ... you'll be my target :PGod Blessing ..... - Islam Nations -